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Florida Department of Health Overview
Tallahassee, FL (US)

Don't confuse the Florida's Department of Health (DOH) with local health departments -- this DOH concerns itself with matters more weighty than finding a hair in your food at the greasy spoon. The state agency promotes and protects the health and safety of Floridians by delivering quality public health services, primarily through county health departments, and promoting health care standards. The DOH develops policies and plans supporting its health goals, enforces laws and regulations that protect the public, connects people to health care services and information, and licenses and regulates practitioners throughout the state. The agency has an annual budget of about $3 billion.
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Hintz LLC
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Cloned 5Thgeneration Paradigm
Kihn PLC
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Kutch, Stokes and O’Conner
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Kuvalis, Price and Beier
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Seamless 4Thgeneration Policy
Nienow and Sons
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Petersen Health Care
Peoria, IL (US)
Health Care Services & Hospitals

Health Care Services & Hospitals
Renner and Sons
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Swaniawski Ltd
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United Trades is a full-service HVAC, furnace repair and AC service company

United Trades is a full-service HVAC, furnace repair and AC service company

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